Hello and welcome to my website!

My name is Ayesha Gamiet and I am an artist, illustrator and art educator, living and working in the South East of England. My work is inspired by traditional arts of the world and the beauty of nature. In 2018, I was awarded with an ijaza (traditional apprenticeship) in Islamic manuscript illumination under Master illuminators Ayten Tiryaki and Çiçek Derman in Istanbul. I have a BA in African and Asian Art History and Archaeology from the University of London, and a Master’s Degree in Traditional and Islamic Arts. In 2014, I completed a second Master’s Degree in Education (with a focus on Art, Creativity and Culture in Education) at the University of Cambridge.

I am a qualified secondary school teacher with experience of teaching art to adults and children, from primary to post-graduate level. I teach both within the UK and abroad, and work as an artist completing commissions and design work.

I hope you enjoy my website. Please do keep checking back for news of my current and future projects. Thank you for visiting!