Free, downloadable Islamic art colouring sheets for children

Bird Miniature Painting Colouring Sheet, Ayesha Gamiet 2015

Iznik Ceramics Colouring Sheet - Can you finish the design on the vase and plate? Ayesha Gamiet 2015

Mosque Garden Colouring Sheet - Design your own mosque and garden! Look at the completed section for some ideas. Ayesha Gamiet 2015

Please feel free to download and print these children’s colouring sheets! I created these activities a few years ago, whilst working on a practical, hands-on, children’s guide to Islamic art. Sadly, my publisher was unable to complete the project due to financial reasons, so the book never made it to publication. However, I do still have my sketches and completed artwork, which could be a lot of fun for kids to complete!

These images work best when printed on a slightly heavier weight A3 paper, e.g. cartridge paper or thin card (around 120 – 150 gsm, or as thick as your printer can manage!) Thicker paper or card will allow for easier use of paints on the surface.

Enjoy colouring!

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4 Responses to Free, downloadable Islamic art colouring sheets for children

  1. Nadine says:

    thank you so much for posting these wonderful illustrations! I will share them with my friends at our American Arab Heritage Club .

  2. Heather Richmond says:

    Thank you for these great templates and ideas
    I am doing an art class for Syrian refugee children in Canada this week . I will send you some pictures of the results .

    • Ayesha says:

      Dear Heather,

      Many thanks for your kind message. I’m so happy to know that these resources are being used so widely. I would love to see some images of your students’ work. WIshin gyou all the best!

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