Pretty Patterns from Islamic Textiles: Part 2

Salwar Kameez illustration by Ayesha Gamiet 2010

Just a little sneaky peek at an illustration that I have been working on recently. I’m not sure whether or not it’s finished yet – I may add a few more details to the patterns. However, I’m also a little apprehensive about overdoing it! Sometimes it’s difficult to know when to stop!

This illustration was painted using shell gold, gouache and calligraphy ink on hot-pressed watercolour paper. 
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3 Responses to Pretty Patterns from Islamic Textiles: Part 2

  1. faridar says:

    i love it!!! It's fabulous!!!

  2. Ayesha Gamiet says:

    Thanks Farida! I'm so tempted to add a little more, but I'll leave it for a few days, then decide what looks best :)

  3. Aminah Patel says:


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