Quick trip to Istanbul…

I was in Istanbul last week for a very quick trip during the Easter holiday. Here are a few pictures of what I got up to:

I attended an ebru (Turkish paper marbling) workshop. Below are some images of my teacher demonstrating how the inks are applied to a water solution, prepared for paper marbling. I have a weakness for great art materials, and couldn’t resist purchasing a few bottles of ink and powdered seaweed so that I could try this again at home!

The teacher paints a tulip on top of the water solution.

Laying paper over the design:

The finished marbled paper!

Here are my attempts. I am planning on using my marbled papers as covers and endpapers for a new set of handmade books!

One of my favourite places in Istanbul, the resting place and Masjid of Eyup Sultan (RA). So peaceful and so beautiful:

Interior of the Masjid:

Detail of the dome:

Time spent in the bookseller’s market:

Browsing the markets of Uskudar…

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5 Responses to Quick trip to Istanbul…

  1. Amnah says:

    Amazing visit, great inspiration, great art, great food, great friends!

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    Hello Ayesha, would you please publish the name of the workshop and the contact details, I like to do the same one of those days.

    Kind regards
    Tazio Zaffarone

  4. CAth says:

    Wish I could have joined you :)

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