More student’s work…

I would like to share a few pictures of my student’s work from the spring PSTA Islamic manuscript illumination course. As you can see from the image above, they are doing amazingly well! To read about the course content and see previous student’s work, please click here.

A student attempts the halkar technique, which uses light colours and subtle shading. The first two pieces of work in this post are from two of my more experienced students, who put in a lot of extra work at home.

Two of my beginner students choose the same composition, but use entirely different colour ways.

Spring time colours on the left, and traditional blue and gold on the right.

…and finally, a beautiful little “shamsa” (little sun). Well done everyone! Hoping to see you again at the next course over the Summer.

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2 Responses to More student’s work…

  1. Absolutely stunning Ayesha! You must be very proud of them! :)

  2. homa says:

    Much I liked your work

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