Echo The Divine

Some time ago, I was apporoached by Gazelle Media, a production company who were interested in making a short film about me and my work. The clip was intended to be part of a larger project, focusing on artists, faith and spirituality. So one beautiful Summer’s day in 2007 my dear friend, the amazingly talented Medina Whiteman came to interview me at my studio. Sadly, funding for the film ran out, so the project never reached completion. However, Medina (who happens to be a very gifted musician and writer) wrote this wonderful piece of music for the film, entitled “Ayesha”. I’ve only just discovered this little gem via Medina’s website, and thought it was definitely worth sharing :) I know it’s just an improvisation, so not yet the finished product… but I can’t tell you how chuffed and excited I felt when I first heard this! It’s absolutely gorgeous! … And I love how you can hear Medina and Nobuko (the flutist) giggling and discussing the music in the background. 

I’m adding a link to another of Medina and Nobuko’s creations, “Echo The Divine”, simply because this is one of my favourites, and the title aptly reflects what these two lovely ladies do so well. Wising them all the best, as they deserve it! Enjoy!

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