Workshop at La Galleria Nazionale, Rome

Demonstrating Islamic art drawing and paining techniques at La Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Rome

Last month, I spent a week in Rome delivering workshops with Una Moschea Per Roma, and my friend and colleague Shaheen Kasmani. The workshops took place at La Galleria Nazionale, who also invited me to exhibit some artwork for the duration of the month-long series of events. This was a really interesting project, intended to appeal to people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds in Rome, opening up a space for discussion about sacred spaces in the city. As well as the exhibition and workshop, events included three public forums where visitors discussed their views on sacred spaces for religious minorities in Rome, a photography exhibition, plus several poetry / spoken word sessions. For more information about the project, take a look at Una Moschea’s Per Roma’s page.

Here are some images from the workshop and exhibition:

Students learn about Islamic pattern by linking traditional floral motifs to their origins in the natural world.

Drawing from nature in the gallery gardens.

Back in the classroom, students paint their designs.

Happy artists!

I’ll update with pictures from my exhibition in a separate post… keep an eye on the blog for more stories about my travels these past few months! It’s been busy! In 3 months, I’ve worked in Cairo, Rome, and Istanbul, very exciting! But it’s also nice to be back home and settled in my studio, doing what I love most – painting!

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