Liebster Blog Award!

I am delighted to let you all know that I recently received a Liebster Blog Award! I was nominated by Madre Mia! an inspirational writer who dedicates her blog to sharing her “adventures in the weird and wonderful world of motherhood”. Many thanks to Madre Mia!

Having accepted the award, I now have to nominate 3 of my favourite small blogs (“small” meaning blogs that attract less than 300 followers). My nominations are below:

1. Cake Mama for her generosity in sharing all of her delicious recipes. Trust me, the cakes are incredible – not only have I made some of them myself, but I’ve also enjoyed Cake Mama’s very own cooking and baking skills on many an occasion! Check out her blog and try the recipes yourself!

2. Farida Explores for her inspiring, adventurous spirit and love of life. Farida spent a year working in Paris to help improve her French before returning home to her native Canada. As she says on her blog: “I used to have only 2 pages stamped in my passport, now I have 18 pages stamped.” She took in most of Europe and parts of North Africa during her visit, while warming the hearts of all she met! We love you and miss you, Farida!

3. The incredibly talented Wendy Meddour, who has taken a break from her academic career (teaching English at Oxford University) to pursue her long-cherished dream of writing and illustrating children’s books. Look out for Wendy’s middle-grade series, ‘Cinnamon Grove’ , which is due to be published by Frances Lincoln in Spring 2012. Wendy’s first picture book, ‘The Spectacular Tree’ will be published by Macmillan (publication date and illustrator to be confirmed).

Enjoy reading!

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