New Course in Ottoman Design and Illumination

Student's work in Ottman Design and Illumination from the Fustat Ceramic Centre in Cairo

If you would like to learn how to make an illuminated tile design like this, come join us on my Ottoman Design and Illumination Course with the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.

Dates: 13th-17th Feb 2017

Times: 10.30am-5.30pm

Venue: Al Manaar, the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, 244 Acklam Rd, London W10 5YG.

Course description: In this course, students will explore the rich and beautiful tradition of Ottoman design. We will learn about the wide variety of floral motifs adorning the ceramics, textiles, manuscripts, and monuments of Ottoman Turkey. Students will be introduced to traditional painting techniques and design principles from Ottoman art, including: staining and burnishing their own paper, making paints from natural pigments, and learning how to make and use shell gold. By the end of the course, each student will have painted an Ottoman-inspired design.

Please follow the link for bookings and full course details.

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  1. Zainab Abdul says:

    İam interested with tezhip course but im very far im from Africa how can you help me

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