NEW Illumination Courses 2019

A Mughal illuminated shamsa

I will be teaching two NEW Islamic Manuscript Illumination courses in February 2019.

The first will be a 1-week intensive course from the 4th – 8th of February 2019. For full course details and bookings, please click here.

The second will be a set of Saturday classes from the 23rd of February 2019. Course and booking details are here.

Both classes will be held at Prime Studios in Windsor, Berkshire.

This new course is designed for students who would like to delve deep into the art of tezhip (Islamic manuscript illumination). Part 1 will form the first of three courses intended for students who are interested in learning the fundamental principles of illumination. This first course will focus on design skills.

Unlike previous workshops, where students worked from pre-designed templates provided by the teacher, this class will give students the skills to create their own patterns using centuries-old design principles from the Islamic world. Classes are practical, and will be taught in the same manner, using the same exercises as traditional illumination lessons in Istanbul. If you have ever thought about studying Islamic art in the traditional way, this course is for you!

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