New Islamic Art Spring Course at the PSTA

'Basmalah' illuminated calligraphy by Ayesha Gamiet, 2007

For anybody who is interested in learning about Islamic art, I will be teaching a 4-day short course in Islamic Manuscript Illumination at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London. We will cover geometric and arabesque design in Islamic art, as well as traditional painting and paper preparation techniques. Click here to read about my previous courses, view student’s work and look at feedback. Details of my upcoming course are as follows:

Dates: 4 Saturdays from the 5th – 26th of March 2011.

Time: 10am – 4.30pm

Venue: The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, 19-22 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3SG

For bookings and enquiries, please contact the PSTA via the course page on their website. Also, be sure to take a look at the other inspiring arts courses that they have on offer!

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