The Clever Wife release date: 1st of April 2022!

The Clever Wife, told by Rukhsana Khan, illustrated by Ayesha Gamiet

At long last! My first illustrated children’s book is released next month! The Clever Wife is published by Wisdom Tales Press, and is a collaboration between me and acclaimed children’s author Rukhsana Khan. It is a Kyrgyz folktale about a witty young heroine who gains the love of a King, only to outsmart him with her clever and mischievous mind.

I hope to write a little more about how this book came into being, and share with you some of the process in making these illustrations in future posts. It’s been a long journey to publication. I started sending my portfolio out to publishers 13 years ago! There were many false starts and hurdles to overcome along the way, including two book deals that fell through, many rejections, and so much “going back to the drawing board”. But finally, my first book is here and she is beautiful and well worth the wait.

Available to pre-order now.

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