My first hand-made book!

Detail of my first hand-bound book! I love the decorative header (green and yellow stripy fabric).

Continuing my obsession with all things related to books, paper and illustration / illumination… Last weekend, I completed a 1-day course in bookbinding at Falkiners – a beautiful shop specialising in handmade papers and bookbinding materials based in London. For anybody interested in learning about bookbinding, I would highly recommend their courses. I learnt so much and had a fantastic day! Plus, I had a beautiful hand-bound book to take home with me. My niece has fallen in love with this notebook, so I think that I’ll gift this one to her. The rest of my family are already putting in their orders! I am planning on hand-binding my sketchpads and notebooks for my PhD work, but we’ll see how it goes… perhaps I’m being a little over-ambitious! Details of the classes at Falkiners on Southampton Row (Holborn) can be found here.

Take a look at the pictures below to give you an idea of how my book was constructed:

Bookbinding materials are laid out on the workspace before the start of the course.

Me, sewing the signatures (inside pages of the book).

Making the book cover, using printed Japanese paper, board and fabric.

Gluing on the decorative cover.

Securing the book block (the stack of signatures) and adding the endpapers.

The completed notebook! I wish I could take credit for the cover design, but I used a beautifully printed Japanese paper. Next stage will be to design and print my own covers – watch this space!

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6 Responses to My first hand-made book!

  1. nur says:

    Your art pieces are indeed pretty!

  2. T. E. Samad says:

    Great job, sister!

  3. Ayesha says:

    Thank you both! More images of my handmade books will be posted up soon!

  4. Nadia says:

    Can’t get enough of my book Ayesha! I’m going to be ordering some as gifts from you. What a unique and personal gift,love love love LOVE it! Xxx

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  6. Your Dad! says:

    Ayesha, this is truly the best gift I’ve received for a very long time. There’s nothing quite as personal and precious as something made by hand, a labour of love, by a loved one who is constantly aware of The Beloved One!

    Incidentally, I recently wrote and delivered a khutbah entitled “Bring Back the Barakah” on the subject of handmade artefacts, created in a spirit of Dhikr. It was inspired by your work, following the age old traditions of Islamic craftsmanship and what you’ve told me about the things you’ve learnt at the PSTA.

    Now I have the big challenge of writing something worthy on those blessed pages of my Eid gift…!

    (You can find Bring Back the Barakah on

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