Incredible artwork from my students; future Islamic art courses in Windsor

Beautiful illumination work from my student Mariam Yasin, produced on my Summer Islamic art courses.

A little update on the incredible work produced by my students over the summer in my Islamic art workshops. We held classes in Islamic manuscript illumination (or tezhib / tezhip, as it is known in Arabic and Turkish), geometry, and Islamic floral design / silk scarf painting. Classes took place at my beautiful new studio in Windsor, Berkshire, UK! We had students travelling from as far afield as Mexico City, the US, and Dubai, as well as London, Manchester, Derby, Reading, Slough, and Woking. What a talented and dedicated bunch! The next run of courses start on Saturday, 10th October 2015. We will be exploring geometry in illuminated Islamic manuscripts, recreating beautiful frontispieces by constructing patterns with a ruler and compass. Students will also learn how to make their own paints from pigment, and genuine gold leaf (shell gold).

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In the meantime, here are some images from my Summer 2015 Islamic art workshops:

Students Nicki Wiseby (l) and Sharmina Haq (r) produced these stunning floral designs inspired by Islamic biomorphic patterns.

Students experiment with colour samples and painting techniques for their silk work.

Raanaz Shahid's illumination work in progress. Students learnt how to make their own paints from gold leaf and pigment. They then applied these colours to their work using traditional methods. We stored our paints in shells - light and portable, just as illuminators and miniaturists would have used these centuries ago.

Students apply striking ultramarine blue backgrounds to their work.

Illumination work is progressing nicely! Top row: Nicki Wiseby (l), Mariam Yasin (r). Bottom row: Raanaz Shahid

Completed work from Mariam Yasin (top l and r). Work is near completion from Raanaz Shahid (bottom row).

Finally, here is a beautiful clip of the work of Margarita Puente, who travelled all the way from Mexico city to learn about Islamic art! In the clip, Margarita is burnishing shell gold for the first time – a truly magical experience!

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